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YOUR DRIVING IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR MANDY ! - 12 mins - jerkoff countdown, verbal humiliation
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Mandy Says "You are the suckiest driver ever; pull over right now so I can drive. Seriously, what kind of man are you?? Not a very good one that's for sure. You are such a pathetic pushover, what a loser! You know what I'm going to do to further humiliate you? I'm pulling over right here, beside this afternoon BBQ and you're going to march over here. Kneel down loser boy, while I slap you hard. Haha, oh look the slapping is giving you a boner. Pull out your dick right here and jerk it off for me... and if you're lucky... no one will catch you and see what a loser you are!"

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NIKKI MAKES YOU HER SISSY PANTY BOY -10 mins - sissification, panty boy, blackmail
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Nikki Says "I leave you alone for 5 minutes and I catch you sniffing my panties!! You disgusting pathetic pervert, you can't even get a girl or get a date so you have to sneak into my panty drawer?! If you like panties so much then you have to PUT ON MY GIRLY PANTIES! Haha, your little weiner is so small that my tiny panties cover up your tiny dick and balls! What a perverted loser you are. Stay still while I put on bright red lipstick on you to make me your sissy boy for good. I'm going to take pictures of you to show all your co-workers, haha." Download the full sissification movie now!

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LICKING GODDESS BELLA'S DIRTY FEET - 8 min - foot worshhip, verbal humiliation
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Bella Says "What the fuck are you staring at loser? Oh, you like my sexy feet huh? Well get on your knees and have a good closeup look as I shove my PVC high heel down your throat!! Yeah, you like worshipping my feet even more when I take off my heels. I've been walking on them all day long so they're nice and sweaty and stinky just for you, lol. Go ahead, get closer and I'll grind them into your face so you can lick the toejam from between my toes. I have an even better idea for a foot perv like you, I'm going to grind my barefeet in the dirt so they're nice and dirty and stick them down your throat! Download the full foot worship movie now!

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NOT GOOD ENOUGH 4 PRINCESS SARA! - 11 mins - verbal humiliation, small cock tease
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Sara Says "What are you doing at my house loser? There is no way you're my blind date! Look at me, I'm hot, sexy and beautiful. Look at you, you're a pathetic loser boy; I can't be seen in public with you. Get inside before my neighbhors see me talking to you, I'm so embaressed. I was a popular cheerleader in high school and you were probably the dorky, pimply faced loser that would do anything for a date with me, kiss my feet, worship my beautiful sexy body? Am I wrong? I think not!" Pay Me Now and watch me humiliate your sorry loser ass and make you masturbate for me while I laugh & take pictures!

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LOVES FUCKING YOUR BOSS & SPENDING YOUR MONEY! - 12 mins- cuckolding & money slave
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Moana Says "Everyone is going to know your hot wife is fucking YOUR boss, they're all going to talk about you at the water cooler on monday. I love fucking your boss; he can satisfy me in ways you can't! So I'm going off on a rendevous for the weekend with him and I'm going to dress up to look for him too! So give me all your cash and credit cards; you'll have nothing to do this weekend except wait for me to come back from fucking your boss you loser! Pay Me Now and get the ultimate humiliation of knowing who owns you!

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ARIANNA WILL SPEND ALL YOUR CASH LOSER! - 16 min - financial domination, tease and denial
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Arianna says "Look at all this stuff I bought with your money!! It's so fun going shopping on your dime while you sit at home and wait for me. A girl's got to keep herself looking sexy doesn't she? Maybe, if you reach the right amount, I might feel sorry enough to give you some... Haha! But for now, I'll just keep teasing you with my sexy tight body... you haven't reached the right limit yet though. I'm going to keep spending your money and teasing you until you've got nothing left. Maybe then... maybe, I'll feel sorry enough to let you have your way with me... but until then.. Give Me Your Money and watch me tease you!

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WORSHIP MISTRESS KIM YOUR WORM! -10 mins - submissive male slave, female worship
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Mistress Kim "You good for nothing husband, lazing around doing nothing. You need to learn who's in charge in this house, and that's ME, Mistress Kim to you! That's right you worm, your training starts today. First you must get on your knees and bow down to Mistress Kim, and that's what you shall address me as from now on. Then I'm going to tie up your pathetic cock and balls with this rope and lead you (like a leash) outside so all the neighbors can see WHO OWNS YOU. That's it, bark like a doggie while Mistress Kim parades you around for all to point and gawk at. That's right cower in fear you worthless piece of shit. Join Now to download

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SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION WITH JACKIE! -11 mins - small penis humiliation & verbal abuse

Mistress Jackie "Look at that tiny thing, excuse me while I find my microscope to even see it! That isn't a real cock, it's waaay too puny. A real cock should be big, strong and thick and able to please a woman, while your little noodle looks like a minnow out of water, flopping around limply!! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that puny excuse of a penis? Call the Guiness Book of Records for the smallest weiner catagory? LOL, what an embaressment, it's just too funny. I'm getting the ruler to measure it and then tell my girlfriends what a small weiner you have so they can all laugh at you too! Join Now to watch me measure your wittle weewee now!