Hey all you losers reading this!  I already know you’re a loser since you’re reading this and what self respecting manly man would be caught dead surfing online for sites like these?   I’m (web)mistress Amanda, the great one who controls this site, makes the videos and finds these hot girls to tease you and make fun of you… but you can’t ever have them!!  Or touch them, or date them… they’ll tell you when you can play with your puny excuse for a pecker.  haha

Anyways, I’m setting this up to keep all you losers informed of site updates, new DVD videos, gossip on the girls and well… I’m the (web)mistress so I can post whatever I want!!   Note that I’m not some huge company or big “producer” so there may be some trial and error periods/posts so just deal with it.  I’m learning as I go and I’m going to do my best.  If you have anything to say about the videos, comments, suggestions just hit the “comment” button.

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